Improving Your Driving Distance – How the Perfect Golf Swing Can Come From Exercise

Improving your driving distance is one way to improve your game. But to do that you will need to improve the speed of your swing. The impact of the club head on the ball has a direct influence on how far the ball will travel.

So, the faster you hit the ball, the further it will travel. Getting this technique correct is what will improve your driving distance. Once you have improved, you can add a heavier club, a different ball or make any number of other changes to improve your distance even more.

You can also try making a short video of your swing. Record five or six swings and review where you think you can make improvements – the biometrics of your golf swing are what you need to study to give yourself the best chances of improvement. Ask your golfing buddies to help you, or maybe try it as a group exercise. Remember – generate extra speed to generate extra distance!

Finally for now, try to improve your overall level of fitness. Light weight training is good, and coupled with stretching before a round you will find that your swing will loosen up and you will move more freely. All basic stuff, but that’s where the pro’s start!

So get out on the course, and concentrate on extra drive speed. In the long run you will see the results, and those results are hitting the green in fewer shots.

More information about improving your driving distance and other golf swing tips can be found here.

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