How To Fix Golf Swing Faults With Training Aids

The majority of amateur golfers struggle with their swing. Many of the issues are swing faults like over the top, lateral slide, coming out of posture, casting, flipping and the dreaded chicken wing in the follow through. These mechanical faults can result in slices, hooks, topped, thin, chunked (fat), bladed, off the toe, off the heel, and pop ups. As you can see there are a lot of possible outcomes from an inefficient golf swing. What’s the solution? What will it take to improve your technique enough to hit solid golf shots?

In my opinion, golf training aids specifically addressed to your fault is a very effective method to fixing your golf swing. For example, a lot of golfers want to know how to stop topping the golf ball. It’s humiliating to almost miss your ball, and hit only the top of it. This results in the ball going a much shorter distance, and most of the time not even clearing the junk in front of the tee, costing you strokes.

Another technique issue is swaying in your golf swing. This is either the upper or lower body moving sideways, instead of rotating. I am guilty of this one. The main motion in golf is rotational, not side-to-side, so the lateral sway can create a ton of mishits, including the above mentioned topping the ball. For me, when I move too much laterally, I get out ahead of the ball at impact, causing me to release early (flip), and I make contact out on the toe of the club, and either hit a big push, or hook it, depending on where my face angle was at impact. This also causes me to reverse pivot at the top of my backswing, which makes it very difficult to come down in the right position. They call it the “rock and block”, as opposed to the proper turning level of hips.

I have implemented the use of a training aid to help me stop the lateral slide, and it’s been huge for me. I have fought this for my entire golfing life, and now I can make a rotational swing with minimal lateral motion, and I have added 15 yards to my already long drives, as well as hitting the center of the face more often.

I would have never been able to achieve this by hitting more golf balls, as I tried that and only ingrained this bad move even more. The worst thing you can do in golf, is the same thing over and over if the result is not what you want. That’s INSANITY, and we’ve all been guilty of this.

So if you can first figure out your root cause of your fault (mishit), then you can research aids to get one that exactly addresses it and finally fix it.

If you want to cure reverse pivot for better consistency, you’ll want to look at this golf swing trainer.

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