“Golf” Shooting in the 70s, Golf Tips V – Discover Your Perfect Golf Swing Now!

Before heading over to the golf driving range it is always best that you warm up. Stretch and get the blood pumping before you start to practice your golf swing. Now that you’re warmed up, here are some golf tips that you can implement in your practice time to hit the golf ball longer and straighter.

Acquiring the correct mindset will be something you need to benefit not only for a better golf swing, but for all aspects of your game – (driving,putting,pitching,and chipping). While at your golf course driving range, clear your mind and stay focused on “feeling” your golf swing before you actually perform it. Grab a pitching wedge, plant your left heel in the ground and keeping your head still with your elbow tucked in swing the golf club. Experiment with multiple golf swing thoughts- “slow and easy”, “smooth and fluid”, “nice and easy”, and find one that works for you. Put out 7-10 golf balls and start hitting them while exercising your thoughts. Become more comfortable with this exercise, then replace the pitching wedge with a 7 iron. Repeat the same process and get into a groove with your golf swing. This will allow you to become more forceful in your down swing but remember to stay smooth. Now do the same with your driver. Simulate a golf shot by picking out an area or target and try to hit your mark with your new golf swing. After sufficient practice test your new swing out on the golf course.

Remember a “smoother and slower” swing is always better than a “harder and faster” one. Trying to muscle the golf ball instead of striking it with a smooth, slow swing and solid contact will leave you in trouble most of the time. Club head speed is the answer to long drives NOT muscling the golf ball. Maybe in the past you smashed a long golf drive right down the middle of the fairway. Always transfer those moments of greatness into your “golf swing thoughts” data base. Keeping your mindset is vital, but so is practice. So practice until your golf swing mechanics become habit.

This golf tip will help you strengthen your core for a more powerful turn. Put your hands on your hips while simulating your golf address position and looking to the right (for right handers; left handers do the opposite). Feel the rotation of your spine, and the coil of your torso that the turn produced. Take notice that your back is facing “the target” while your shoulders have turned about 90 degrees and your hips about 45 degrees. Your left knee should be pointing inward while your weight is on the inside of your right foot. If needed allow your left foot to rise a bit. Practice this drill often for a more powerful golf swing and turn, which will produce longer golf drives. Getting better at golf requires practice, acceptance and good golf instruction. For more golf tips follow the link below.

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