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Bogey Score

A bogey is the kind of score that professional golfers get all the time. It’s a normal thing for them to get a bogey. Recreational golfers consequentially are pleased with a bogey score. These are golfers who don’t ask themselves “how to fix golf slice” because they have already rectified their swing, enabling them to get a bogey score. The term bogey is one of the most recognized golf terms in golf clubs all over the world, but it isn’t fitting to limit it to one swing over par. Two strokes and even three strokes in that par can reproduce a bogey as well. Two strokes in that par is called a double bogey and a further three strokes is referred to as a triple bogey. So a golf bogey above par isn’t really a bad thing, again depending on what level you are, it will either be a stable benefit or stand for a disadvantage to your golf handicap. And if you want to know your golf handicap, well this can be done by using and online golf handicap calculator.

Bogey Golf?

So now let move away for one minute from and lets find out what is “bogey golf”. Here are a few golf tips to help you out. First for the new golf players, their first goal should be to “break 100”. Now if you want to break 100, you have to make sure you have a fix golf slice, one that is almost a full circle from start to finish. But what does it mean to break 100? What this means is that you shoot a score of 99 or beneath. Once a golfer can engage and do this on a regular basis, the next step would factor in to play bogey golf. That means that a player recurrently shoots between 90 on a par 72 course. That also means that they develop an average score of a bogey on every hole of the course. But basically, the aim of golf is to shoot as few shoots as possibly as they play the course. Other players are gaining better golf swings and fixing their slices, better balance and golf grips, and because of that, you don’t want to be ignored and left behind in the pack. Investing in your golf game would be a wise decision because it would reward you in a repeated cycle of growth in your golfing. It could be playing on a more regular basis or getting more lessons, either way, it will further improvement to your golf game.

Golf Bogey

A lot of people look for golf tips to explain what a golf bogey is. Well, basically, from your everyday, non-complicated golf lessons, it refers to the level of capability that a golfer has in the sport of golf. And if that golfer has a fix golf slice, then it would be highly likely that their ability to score a bogey would be really high, and so, quite simple for them to do. Other alike terms that are used in the golf game are; golf birdie bogey and golf bogey score (as mentioned above). So, when you are on the golf course, or even if you love golf games such as online golf games, a bogey actually is when the player comes into a single point above par. For example, if a player is playing par -3 hole, thereupon a score of 4 would be considered a bogey. A score of 5 would not be considered as one. There is no authorized phrase for 2 or 3 or more above par. However, they are sometimes referred to double and also triple bogeys. Sometimes, golfers will also use the term buzzard to explain a double bogey. This should be a nice and simple definition of what the term “bogey” means in golf.

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