Correcting a Golf Slice Made Simple!

Correcting a golf slice is one of the quickest ways you can improve your golf game. It is by far the most common problem suffered by golfers throughout the world.

A lot of golfers suffer for years with frustration because they never take the time to understand why they slice the golf ball. Correcting a golf slice is absolutely essential if you wish to better your golf and get longer lasting enjoyment out of the game. I have outlined here some simple, straight forward tips to help cure your slice just by working on some basic golf swing fundamentals.

Correct Golf Stance

The ideal golf stance should be about the width of your shoulders. Your shoulders need to be parallel to your target line. Your feet should be parallel to your target line as well and ideally be pointing at a slight angle at address. Your arms should hang naturally, knees slightly bent and your back straight and not hunched over.

Practice this proper golf stance in the mirror until you get it right. Even slight changes to your stance can have major effects on the outcome of your golf shots. The main thing is, it should be as comfortable as possible.

Correct Golf Grip

Making slight adjustments in your golf grip can help greatly in correcting a golf slice. Grip the golf club first with your left hand with your thumb resting along the shaft. There should be a line between your index finger and your thumb and this should be aiming roughly at your right eye.

Interlock your small finger on your right hand inside the index finger on your left hand. The right hand wraps itself over the left and the left thumb rests into your right palm. A lot of golfers grip the club way too tight causing the right hand to take over the swing resulting in a hooked golf shot. But, with a golf slice most golfers have a weak grip which creates an open club face resulting in the golf ball slicing out to the right.

The easiest way of correcting a golf slice caused by your grip is to adjust your hands to strengthen the grip (right hander). Roll your left and right hand slightly to the right and further underneath the grip. This will help ensure the club face rolls over and squares up better at impact. Practice this at your local driving range to determine if it is the golf grip that’s causing your golf slice.

Take it slow and make only minor adjustments until you find you’re getting some results. It may seem simple and even obvious, but fixing your golf grip is one of the best ways of correcting a golf slice.

Proper Golf Swing Mechanics

Practicing the correct golf swing mechanics is another cure for correcting a golf slice. A correctly performed backswing begins with your hands, arms and shoulders taking the club away in one piece. This should be a smooth action right from the start to the finish of the golf swing.

The Downswing starts with your arms bringing the golf club down and through to the impact zone. The legs come through together with your arms, eyes on the golf ball and ensuring your body stays behind the golf ball right through and past the impact zone. With the right golf swing mechanics, any golfer can improve their golf score almost overnight!

Practicing the basics of a good golf swing and playing regularly are essential in your quest to becoming a great golfer. Develop good habits into your golf game and make small changes where necessary as they can make a huge difference in your overall score. Keep practicing correcting a golf slice and you’ll be taking giant steps toward playing some great golf.

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